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Part 4 – Sessions | Be the Magnet

Part 4 – Sessions

What are the YOFA jhe Sessions?

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Many great teachers have told us that we create our own reality.  Have you heard this?  It can be hard to understand how this can be true when we find ourselves in painful situations.  “I would never have created this!” we say.   Well, we don’t do it on purpose.  That’s for sure.  But we often find ourselves repeating patterns that cause us suffering .  And yes, we are perfectly capable of looping around in those painful patterns over and over again.

Breaking Free

That is where the YOFA jhe Sessions come in.  These are remote Inner Alignment Sessions that help you break free from those destructive vibrational patterns.  We all have them to some degree.  These sessions can help you come into alignment with:

  • heightened spiritual awareness
  • physical healing*
  • emotional healing*
  • loving relationships
  • financial prosperity
  • and more…

When you sign up for the YOFA jhe Sessions you immediately enter the uplifting field of jhe (jhe = joyful harmonious expressiveness).  Then once you receive your first session, the energy becomes focused and more specific in its effect.  You can also use the Magnet focusing sheet to set your intentions for the sessions.

Why Do They Stay Members?

This is an ongoing membership and most people find this to be an evolutionary inner process (much like meditation). Many maintain their membership for years.  In fact, some of the original members are still active.  The jhe Sessions can help you access regions of your inner life that you have not been able to reach due to inner conflicts and patterns of resistance.  The jhe Sessions address different aspects of alignment and you receive an email update after each session I do for you.

Whether or not you feel a direct result from a specific session (many people do, but not always), the email offers an insight and a point of focus for your conscious mind to increase its magnetism.  And because the email is an extension of the session, by your focus on the message, you further receive the session.  Some people have had specific and dramatic results from individual sessions.  Others do not, but they feel the value of the sessions in a more general way and for this reason they remain on the jhe list, often for years.

No Time, No Effort

Unlike classes or calls, the jhe Sessions take up none of your time and require no effort from you.  These are remote Inner Alignment Sessions that are transferred “wirelessly.”  In other words, they are vibrational “treatments” that help bring you into alignment with your essence to enhance your magnetism for all that your heart desires.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the YOFA jhe Sessions

CLICK HERE for Essence Water Pendants…

* These sessions are offered for general well being and do not diagnose nor treat medical or psychological conditions.